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Welfare-to-work inquiry launched

17 July 2015

The Work and Pensions Select Committee launches inquiry into DWP's contracted welfare-to-work provision. The Department's main contracts (Work Programme and Work Choice) will expire in 2017, and DWP will begin a re-tendering process next year.

The Committee is exploring options for the future, with a particular focus on promoting a broader range of specialist provision, including through innovative or community-level approaches, and how to support people who have the most difficulty finding employment, such as young people with weak educational attainment, older people, ex-incapacity benefits claimants and people with mental health problems.

In particular, the Committee is interested in exploring possible recommendations for reform which:

  • reflect the contemporary labour market
  • address any deficiencies in the Work Programme
  • consider more personalised, innovative or community-level provision
  • support the hardest to help unemployed people

The deadline for written submission is 28 August 2015.


Monday 20 July 2015, Wilson Room, Portcullis House

At 3.45pm

  • Sam Hanes, The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT)
  • Dave Simmonds, Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion (Inclusion)
  • Kirsty McHugh, Employment Related Services Association (ERSA)
  • Tom Gash, Institute for Governement (IfG)

At 4.30pm (approx)

  • Liz Armstrong, APM UK
  • Christine Chang, Big Society Capital
  • Dan Jones, Nesta
  • Steve Hawkins, Pluss

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