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Committee writes to the Health and Safety Executive regarding covid safety in the workplace

1 February 2021

Chair of the Work and Pensions Committee Stephen Timms MP, has written to the Health and Safety Executive, to ask about its approach to ensuring workplace safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

The letter notes reports that some workers are feeling under pressure to travel to their workplace against Government guidance and also the lack of enforcement notices issued by HSE since the start of this month’s lockdown.

The Chair has also written to the Local Government Association, the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health with questions about the role of local councils and the wider environmental health sector in maintaining safety in the workplace.

Chair's comments

Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP, Chair of the Work and Pensions Committee, said:

“Nobody should be exposed to unnecessary dangers for doing their job. Any reports of companies not providing safe workplaces during the pandemic or forcing employees to come in when they can reasonably do their jobs from home must be thoroughly investigated. We want to make sure that the HSE and others with a role to play are properly focused and have the capacity to ensure that, whatever someone’s job, they feel safe doing it.”

Image: MaximeUtopix from Pixabay