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Airbus UK and Thales to discuss operations in Wales with MPs

9 November 2023

Airbus UK and Thales will appear before the Welsh Affairs Committee, marking the second evidence session as part of the inquiry ‘Defence industry in Wales’.

The companies will offer an insight into their operations in Wales, focusing on the opportunities to sustain and grow their businesses, and the attractiveness of Wales to defence and cyber security companies. MPs will also wish to discuss with Airbus UK and Thales their links to Welsh SMEs and universities, and their relationships with the UK and Welsh Governments.

Airbus UK directly employs 5,500 people within Wales, and its activity in Wales supports a further 11,600 Welsh jobs and contributes £311 million to Wales’ GDP. Meanwhile, Thales directly employs around 100 people, and its activities support a further 700 jobs and contributes £47 million to Wales’ annual GDP.


From 10.00:

  • Oriel Petry, Senior Vice President, Airbus UK
  • Claire Mitchell, Director, Secure Communications and Information Systems, Thales

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Image credit: Elspeth Keep/UK Parliament