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Welsh Government Minister to give evidence on grid capacity in Wales

13 May 2022

The Welsh Affairs Committee will hear from Julie James MS, the Welsh Government’s Minister for Climate Change as it continues evidence gathering as part of the inquiry on Grid capacity in Wales.

In 2017, the Welsh Government announced a target of meeting the equivalent of 70% of Wales’ electricity demand from renewable electricity sources by 2030. Wales has enormous potential in terms of renewable energy such as wind, tidal and wave resources. However, proposed projects have hit barriers in terms of connection availability and capacity, while current electricity grid capacity, both in distribution and transmission, is a significant challenge. 

During this evidence session, the Committee will be exploring with the Minister a range of issues, including how the Welsh Government is planning to overcome the above constraints, what investment it envisions is needed to decarbonise the grid, and the Future System Operator.


Wednesday 18 May in Committee Room 5, Palace of Westminster

At 11.00am  

  • Julie James MS, Minister for Climate Change, Welsh Government

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Image: Robin Drayton