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What are Wales’ renewable energy opportunities?

2 March 2021

Representatives of the renewable energy sector will answer questions from MPs on the Welsh Affairs Committee on the low-carbon power generation opportunities in Wales and how best the UK and Welsh Governments can co-operate to harness them.


Wales has an important contribution to make in the Welsh and UK Governments’ ambition to respectively reduce and balance carbon emissions, made all the more important by the UN’s COP26 climate change conference arriving in Scotland in November this year. Wales is currently producing 25% of all its generated electricity from renewables, but in total generates double the energy it consumes (30.2 TWh to 14.9TWh). It is the fifth largest exporter of electricity in the world.

The UK Government has incentivised renewable investment through a number of schemes. There are proposals for Contracts for Difference, which protect the price renewable energy generators are paid per KWh they produce, to be extended to include onshore wind from which Wales can stand to benefit. Meanwhile, the Renewable Heat Incentive is due to be replaced in April by the Clean Heat Grant. However, the Feed-in Tariff scheme, which paid small households and businesses that installed renewable energy generators on their properties for providing power to the grid, has now closed.

Purpose of the session

MPs on the Committee are likely to explore;

  • opportunities in renewables for Wales and their role in aiding post-COVID-19 economic recovery;
  • potential constraints to taking advantage of these opportunities and how these constraints can be reduced;
  • how the UK and Welsh Governments can work together to facilitate Welsh renewable energy development;
  • engagement for Wales at COP26.

This is the second public evidence session of the Committee’s renewable energy in Wales inquiry. You can find all transcripts and written evidence submission to the inquiry here.


Thursday 4 March

At 9.30am

  • Jess Hooper, Programme Manager, Marine Energy Wales;
  • Christopher Harwood, Director of Policy and Strategy, Simple Blue Energy;
  • Tom Glover, UK Country Chair, RWE;
  • Paul Hewett, CEO, Belltown Power.

Further information

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