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Pre-legislative scrutiny of the draft Wales Bill continues

19 November 2015

The Welsh Affairs Committee's pre-legislative scrutiny of the UK Government's draft Wales Bill continues. The Committee hears evidence from representatives of the Law Society of Wales, the Association of London Welsh Lawyers, True Wales and devolution expert Alan Trench.


Monday 23 November 2015

At 4pm

  • Kay Powell, Law Society of England and Wales
  • Huw Williams, Law Society of England and Wales
  • Hefin Rees QC, Association of London Welsh Lawyers

At 4.45pm

  • Alan Trench

At 5.30pm

  • Rachel Banner, True Wales
  • Annie Mulholland, True Wales
  • Roger Cracknell, True Wales

Chair's comment

David T.C. Davies, Chair of the Welsh Affairs Committee, said:

"We are pleased to have another broad selection of witnesses to provide evidence on the draft Wales Bill. We are particularly keen to hear opinions on the impact of the draft Bill on the administration of justice in Wales, and on the relationship between a reserved powers model and the issue of legal jurisdiction."

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