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Committee visits Cardiff Airport for devolution of Air Passenger duty inquiry

8 February 2019

The Welsh Affairs Committee will visit Cardiff Airport to consider the arguments for and against devolving Air Passenger Duty to Wales, as well as seeing the steps the airport is taking to prepare for Brexit.


Air Passenger Duty (APD) is a tax levied by the UK Government on passenger flights from UK airports and is chargeable per passenger. APD in England and Wales is set and managed centrally by the UK Government. However, APD has been devolved to some extent to Northern Ireland and Scotland.

In its written submission to the Committee's inquiry, Cardiff Airport argued that the devolution of APD presents a “significant opportunity to create value for both the Airport and region”.

Purpose of the visit

The Committee will travel to Cardiff Airport to consider how devolution of APD could bring such commercial and economic benefits, and how these weigh up against the potential for negative side effects for North Wales and surrounding English airports. 

As part of its inquiry into Brexit, trade and customs: implications for Wales, the Committee will also be considering the steps the airport has taken to get ready for Brexit.

The visit will include a presentation from the executive board of Cardiff Airport and a tour of the passenger and cargo terminals.

Visit details

Date: Monday 11 February
Time: 10.00
Location: Cardiff Airport

Further information

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