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Bank of England questioned on the nation’s financial stability

17 January 2022

The Treasury Committee questions Bank of England (BoE) representatives, including Governor Andrew Bailey on the latest Financial Stability Report.


Wednesday 19 January 2022

At 2.15pm

  • Andrew Bailey, Governor, Bank of England
  • Sir Jon Cunliffe, Deputy Governor, Financial Stability
  • Dame Colette Bowe, External Member, Financial Policy Committee
  • Elisabeth Stheeman, External Member, Financial Policy Committee

Members of the BoE’s Financial Policy Committee are likely to be asked about the impact of inflation and interest rate rises on the nation’s financial stability, the Bank’s 2021 stress test of major UK banks, and the increasing risk to financial stability from crypto assets.

Committee members could also seek views on the risks posed to the nation’s financial resilience from household, corporate and global debt.

Other potential topics for discussion include the role of financial policy in reaching net zero, potential changes to mortgage affordability tests, and the transition away from the LIBOR interest rate benchmark.

The BoE published its latest Financial Stability Report, which examines the stability of the UK financial system, in December 2021.

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