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4% inflation forecast and quantitative easing examined with Bank of England

6 September 2021

Treasury Committee questions Bank of England representatives, including Governor Andrew Bailey, following the BoE’s July Financial Stability Report and August Monetary Policy Report. This marks the first time the Committee has met in-person since the start of the pandemic.


Wednesday 8 September 2021

At 4pm

  • Andrew Bailey, Governor at BoE
  • Dave Ramsden, Deputy Governor, Markets and Banking at BoE
  • Jonathan Hall, External Member, Financial Policy Committee at BoE
  • Prof. Silvana Tenreyro, External Member, Monetary Policy Committee at BoE
  • Dr Ben Broadbent, Deputy Governor, Monetary Policy at BoE

The reports respectively set out the Bank’s views and actions to be taken on the stability of the country’s financial system, and the methodology behind BoE monetary policy decisions.

MPs are likely to explore the BoE’s forecast that inflation will rise to 4%, and the Monetary Policy Committee’s continued expanding of quantitative easing.

Discussion on issues raised in the latest Financial Stability Report could also include business indebtedness, the latest stress tests of UK banks, and house price rises.

Other potential topics of discussion include recruitment and goods shortages, supply chain disruption, and the remaining risks to the country’s economic recovery.

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