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Treasury Committee publishes summary of evidence received in response to Economic Impact of Coronavirus inquiry

2 April 2020

On 18 March the Treasury Committee issued a call for evidence on the Government’s coronavirus financial package to that date.

Over 14,000 people have submitted evidence to the Committee. Today, the Committee has published a high-level summary of the evidence provided by individuals and organisations before 26 March, as well as the first tranche of evidence.

The topics included in the summary are:

• Support for self-employed
• Guidance on eligibility for support e.g. Universal Credit and Statutory Sick Pay
• Cash flow assistance
• Relaxation of tax rules and compliance activity
• Debt management
 • Seasonal work considerations
• Exacerbating existing issues e.g. mortgage prisoners and WASPI women
• Insurance
• Charities
• Renters
• Payment of bills for individuals

Chair's comments

Commenting on the evidence received, Rt Hon. Mel Stride MP, Chair of the Treasury Committee, said:

“The level of response to our call for evidence on the economic response to coronavirus has been unprecedented. On behalf of the Treasury Committee I would like to thank everyone for getting in touch.

“The evidence that we have received will inform the Committee’s work in the ensuing weeks and months, whether it’s deciding who to call to give evidence or the recommendations we should make to Government.

“Some of the concerns raised with the committee may have since been alleviated for some, such as through the recent support for many self-employed people, but some persist, and no doubt more will arise.

“We will shortly issue a further call for evidence on the more recent measures announced by the Government, the financial service sector’s actions in relation to coronavirus, and on how the economy has been affected more broadly.

“The committee continues to review these issues at significant pace, and I urge individuals and businesses to keep up their engagement with us.”

Image: Pixabay