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Transport Committee

Commons Select Committee

The Transport Committee is nominated by the House of Commons to scrutinise the Department for Transport. Its formal remit is to hold Ministers and Departments to account, and to investigate matters of public concern where there is a need for accountability to the public through Parliament. It is chaired by Huw Merriman MP. You can follow the Committee on Twitter @CommonsTrans

Committee news

Government responds to Transport Committee report on Intercity East Coast Rail franchise
Committee agrees to publish Government Response to the Intercity East Coast Rail franchise report
22 November 2018
Evidence on local roads funding and governance
Committee takes evidence to understand the issues around local roads network
19 November 2018
Transport Committee visits Bristol to hear about health of bus services
The first public evidence session outside of Westminster, the Committee will visit Bristol where they are holding an evidence session on the health of the bus market.
12 November 2018
Committee approves appointment of Declan Collier as ORR Chair
Committee concludes Mr Collier's extensive experience in the private sector means he has the professional competence required for the role
7 November 2018
Preferred candidate for Chair of the Office of Rail and Road faces Committee
Pre-appointment hearing for the new Chair of the Office of Rail and Road (ORR)
5 November 2018
Health of the bus market
Passengers, academics and experts face questions on the status of busses and the bus market
30 October 2018
Final session on rail timetable changes
Committee scrutinises chaotic implementation of the 20 May rail timetable change
18 October 2018
Rail infrastructure investment: Government and ORR respond
Transport Committee Chair says 'apparent unwillingness' to engage with report is disappointing
19 September 2018
Stagecoach, Virgin and Department must share responsibility for East Coast
Transport Committee reports finds East Coast Partnership proposal needs a rethink
12 September 2018
Network Rail Chief Executive questioned on key priorities
Transport Committee questions Andrew Haines on key challenges for the future of Network Rail
10 September 2018
Intercity East Coast franchise report to be published
Transport Committee publish Intercity East Coast franchise report on 12 September
7 September 2018
National rail timetable change examined
Transport Committee questions passenger groups and consumer organisation
5 September 2018
HS2 extension delay: Reaction from Chair
Transport Committee Chair reacts to reports that legislation required to extend HS2 may be delayed
3 September 2018
Which?, Transport Focus and commuters questioned on timetable changes
Transport Committee takes evidence from commuters, Which?, and Transport Focus on timetable changes
31 August 2018
MPs launch inquiry into boosting take-up of active travel options
Transport Committee inquiry examines ways of increasing active travel across the UK
9 August 2018
MPs launch inquiry into poor state of local roads
Transport Committee launches inquiry into local roads funding and governance
1 August 2018
Secretary of State questioned on Intercity East Coast rail franchise
Transport Committee hears on termination and future prospects of franchise
20 July 2018
Passengers' experiences sought via Twitter
Transport Committee invited passengers to send their views via #railtimetabling on Twitter
18 July 2018
Bus market inquiry launched
Transport Committee launches inquiry into decline of bus service use in England
16 July 2018
East Coast franchise: Committee questions Stagecoach, Network Rail and DfT
Transport Committee examines franchise's shortcomings and how future operations are being improved
13 July 2018
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