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Transport Committee

Commons Select Committee

The Transport Committee is nominated by the House of Commons to scrutinise the Department for Transport. Its formal remit is to hold Ministers and Departments to account, and to investigate matters of public concern where there is a need for accountability to the public through Parliament. It is chaired by Huw Merriman MP. You can follow the Committee on Twitter @CommonsTrans

Committee news

Plague of potholes: Long-term funding settlement essential to local roads maintenance
Transport Committee says ‘make do and mend approach' is not good value for money
1 July 2019
Committee publishes report on local roads funding and governance
Publication: Committee's Report on Local roads funding and governance
27 June 2019
Committee to visit Bexhill for inquiry into pavement parking
Walkabout by Committee will see the challenges faced by local residents, and explore local government solutions
24 June 2019
Chair of Transport Committee comments on Citizens' Assembly
Comments come in reaction to the announcement of a Citizen's Assembly to combat climate change
20 June 2019
Road users and local authorities questioned on pavement parking
Committee will investigate issues surrounding pavement parking and enforcement
14 June 2019
Committee Chair responds to Bus Users UK report
Publication follows Committee's own report highlighting the decline in bus use
12 June 2019
Committee investigates the impact of mobile phones on road safety
The risks of mobile phone use while driving, and current legislation and enforcement to deal with the problem, will be explored.
11 June 2019
Government must set out bus strategy to halt decline in bus use
Transport Committee publish report on the health of the bus market
22 May 2019
Publication: Committee's Report on Health of the bus market
Transport Committee publishes its report on the health of the bus market
20 May 2019
Committees publish correspondence on Railways Pension Scheme and Train Operating Companies
Chairs of Transport and Work and Pensions Committees release correspondence ahead of evidence session with the Rail Minister
8 May 2019
Minister questioned on rail issues
Committee will focus on rail franchising, accessibility and infrastructure investment
3 May 2019
Final evidence session to examine Highway England's approach to active travel
26 April 2019
Inquiry launched into trains fit for the future
Committee considers the development of alternatively fuelled trains and how carriages can be designed to meet public demand
23 April 2019
Committee investigate local roads funding and governance
Local road maintenance and planning to be examined by Committee
18 April 2019
Inquiry launched into pavement parking
Problems caused by pavement parking see committee investigate possible solutions
2 April 2019
Councils to be questioned on future plans for active travel
Committee investigate options on walking and cycling in local areas
29 March 2019
Committee investigate taxi and private hire reform in England
Government policies and regulations on taxis and private hire vehicles to be examined by committee
21 March 2019
Committee scrutinises Government's approach to road safety
Transport Committee say road traffic deaths still too high, despite a 5 year fall
11 March 2019
HS2: Update with Allan Cook
Transport Committee questions Chair of HS2 Ltd on key strategic challenges facing the high-speed rail project
8 March 2019
MP's visit Manchester to discuss benefits of Active Travel
Transport Committee speak to walking and cycling stakeholder groups, Olympian Chris Boardman and Great Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham about Active Travel
28 February 2019
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