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Transport Committee

Commons Select Committee

The Transport Committee is nominated by the House of Commons to scrutinise the Department for Transport. Its formal remit is to hold Ministers and Departments to account, and to investigate matters of public concern where there is a need for accountability to the public through Parliament. It is chaired by Huw Merriman MP. You can follow the Committee on Twitter @CommonsTrans

Committee news

Committee examines the impact of coronavirus on the local transport sector
The Transport Select Committee hears from Metro Mayors of the West of England, Greater Manchester, and Liverpool City Region
12 June 2020
Committee approves appointment of Sir Stephen Hillier as Chair of CAA
Transport Committee report on the appointment of the Chair of the Civil Aviation Authority published
9 June 2020
Pre-appointment hearing of Chair of the Civil Aviation Authority
Transport Committee hears from the Secretary of State's preferred candidate
1 June 2020
'Next steps for HS2' - publication of correspondence
Transport Committee publishes correspondence relating to 'Next steps for HS2'
21 May 2020
Committee publishes open letter to public
Transport Committee has written an open letter to the thousands of people who have responded to the committee's ongoing work on the implications of coronavirus on UK transport
18 May 2020
Minister questioned on impact of coronavirus on the aviation sector
Transport Committee examines issues including the future of aviation and the protection of workers
15 May 2020
Chair comments on response from Willie Walsh
Transport Committee receive letter following information requested during evidence session
14 May 2020
Willie Walsh questioned on the implications of coronavirus (Covid-19)
Transport Select Committee focus on the issues facing British Airways and the airline sector
7 May 2020
Witness update and Chair comment on British Airways participation
Transport Committee evidence session update and comment on BA
5 May 2020
Implications of coronavirus (Covid-19) for the aviation sector examined
Transport Select Committee consider the issues affecting consumers and industry
1 May 2020
Committee invites contributions on impact of coronavirus on UK transport
Transport workers, stakeholders and the public invited to write to the Transport Committee, on the impact of coronavirus on UK transport
27 April 2020
Chair calls for fairer rail compensation during lockdown
Transport Committee Chair writes to the Secretary of State for Transport
24 April 2020
e-scooters inquiry launched
The Transport Committee launches an inquiry to explore the safety and legal implications of electric scooters
21 April 2020
Minister questioned on next steps for HS2
Transport Committee examines how the Government and HS2 Ltd plan to deliver the project on time
16 April 2020
Minister questioned on Coronavirus - implications for transport
Chris Heaton-Harris MP, takes the place of the Secretary of State for Transport at the Committee's evidence session
2 April 2020
Coronavirus: Implications for transport - summary note of discussion with the Secretary of State for Transport
Transport Committee publishes summary note of discussion with Grant Shapps MP
27 March 2020
Informal meeting: Coronavirus: implications for transport examined
Transport Committee questions the Secretary of State, Grant Shapps MP
19 March 2020
Committee to relaunch work on young and novice drivers
High collision and casualty rates prompt relaunch of inquiry into young and novice drivers
16 March 2020
Consultation planned to ban pavement parking in England
Department for Transport pledges welcomed but clear timeframe needed, says Transport Committee
12 March 2020
Transport Select Committee programme of work: Spring 2020
HS2, e-scooters and young and novice drivers headline work for new Transport Committee
6 March 2020
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