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Chair nominations open for Transport Committee

1 November 2022

Nominations are now open for the position of Chair of the Transport Committee following the appointment of Huw Merriman MP as Minister of State at the Department for Transport.

The nominations period will run from 31 October to 15 November. The new Chair will be elected from the Conservative party.

On this page you can find the list of nominees with any accompanying statements as they come in.

Jack Brereton

MP for Stoke-on-Trent South

Nominated by (own party)

David Morris, Mrs Sheryll Murray, Peter Gibson, Jonathan Gullis, Robbie Moore, Fiona Bruce, Shaun Bailey, Craig Tracey, James Sunderland, Aaron Bell, Kate Kniveton, Jerome Mayhew, Duncan Baker, Sir James Duddridge, Trudy Harrison

Nominated by (other parties or no party)

Chris Bryant, Gavin Robinson, Chris Evans, Alan Brown, Mohammad Yasin

Relevant interests


Candidate statement

I am running to be Chair of the Transport Select Committee as I believe I have the experience and knowledge needed to lead the committee. I will provide the effective but fair challenge and scrutiny that the Department for Transport, its associated public bodies, and the wider transport industry needs.

Now serving for the second time on the Transport Select Committee and having previously been the Cabinet Member responsible for transport in Stoke-on-Trent, I am well attuned with current transport policies at a local, regional and national level.

Through my time as a Councillor and now as a Member of Parliament, I have significant experience in transport at both a national and local level. I have led on transport policy in my time as a Councillor. I have previous experience on the Transport Committee over the last two Parliaments. I have a strong interest in the wider impact of transport on our constituents, the economy, and the environment. Our modern world simply would not function without it. As Chair, I will:

  • Hold national organisations like National Highways, Network Rail & HS2 properly to account
  • Better scrutinise operators who fail to deliver high quality transport services
  • Push for improve ferry services for island and coastal communities, holding private companies, such as P&O, properly to account
  • Prioritise transport investment focused on every part of the UK
  • Improve links for backbenchers with the Committee and Department for Transport
  • Support the continued recovery of aviation following the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Work with equivalent representatives in devolved nations and regions to deliver the best possible transport connectivity for the whole of the UK
  • Support local authorities to make the most of the Active Travel Fund and other Government transport funding
  • Ensure the Government continues to support the development of sustainable travel

Having confronted many of the challenges faced in improving transport, I will ensure the committee is focussed on addressing the barriers to delivering the transport improvements we need. With the current difficulties facing transport, it is more important than ever we have a strong Chair that provides effective challenge and focus on the key issues of the day.

I will be a strong voice to ensure that all of us get the maximum infrastructure investment and improvements to local transport, for our communities right across the UK.

Jackie Doyle-Price

MP for Thurrock

Nominated by (own party)

Mr John Baron, Alec Shelbrooke, Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger, Mr William Wragg, Caroline Nokes, Mr David Jones, Vicky Ford, Anthony Mangnall, Mark Fletcher, Justin Tomlinson, Paul Howell, Damien Moore, Anna Firth, Tom Randall, Stephen Metcalfe 

Nominated by (other parties or no party)

Mr Kevan Jones, Barbara Keeley, Bambos Charalambous, Carolyn Harris, Grahame Morris 

Relevant interests

None declared

Candidate statement

For me, Transport is crucial to so much of our current agenda. We will not fulfil our economic potential without functional transport infrastructure. We are perpetually behind the curve in delivering transport to meet need and this is a firm constraint on opportunities for growth. We must find ways of being more fleet of foot in delivering solutions to transport challenges. I represent a constituency which is host to major port infrastructure; the busiest stretch of road on the M25; and the Channel Tunnel Rail link. Not for nothing do I describe Thurrock as the logistics capital of the UK. It is because I understand the central importance of Transport to our economy that I wish to become Chair of the Transport Select Committee.

Progress with decarbonisation must be a central part of the Committee’s programme. We must retain our determination to achieve net zero whilst ensuring that the policy framework is rooted in practicality. Our ideals must be matched to deliverable outcomes and be sufficiently responsive to technological change and consumer behaviour.

We must of course make sure that those organisations delivering transport services are held to account so that we achieve the best services for users and value for money for taxpayers. That is a given.

Amongst my immediate priorities, I would bring renewed focus to maritime. Britain has a proud maritime heritage and it should also have a great future. I have been a vocal champion of the sector throughout my Parliamentary career, latterly as Chairman of the All Party group on Ports and Maritime.

I would also wish to bring challenge to National Highways to examine its role and powers and how it interacts with local transport and planning.

And as we seek to encourage the shift to zero emission vehicles, we need to ensure that we are making full use of all the technology options available and that policy tools to achieve it are effective.

I believe I can bring the necessary constructive challenge to Government. I bring experience of the Department having served previously as its whip. Most of all I have proved able to work with colleagues across the House both in Select Committees and in various cross party campaigns and I would chair the committee in that spirit.

Katherine Fletcher

MP for South Ribble

Nominated by (own party)

Mark Jenkinson, Antony Higginbotham, Andy Carter, Lee Anderson, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Alok Sharma, Laura Farris, Greg Clark, Kelly Tolhurst, Nick Fletcher, Brendan Clarke-Smith, Siobhan Baillie, David Johnston, Gareth Bacon, Saqib Bhatti 

Nominated by (other parties or no party)

Graham Stringer, Rosie Cooper, Florence Eshalomi 

Relevant interests

None declared

Candidate statement

Our communities’ transport landscape is fragmented, we need to join up the dots of what we have better, in the here and now, and in our strategic future plans.  

Transport is key to all of our communities for work, for leisure, for economic and educational opportunity - to level up. 

As your Transport Select committee chair I will:  

  1. Push to link up our existing transport networks & future plans to make them work better as a whole for communities. For example:   
    • Advocate for more focus & interest in smaller regional schemes. 
    • Join together buses, roads, rail & personal transport modes, enable connections which make a tangible difference to local communities in the here & now.  
  2. Focus on delivery. A change of thinking is needed in Government. Local leaders need more powers to take a network view & deliver quickly. Improve local empowerment to bring public and private capital together. 
  3. Scrutinise the Government on its manifesto commitments and continue the current Transport Select Committees great work, for example; 
    • Integrated Rail Plan Report, where the Government has already missed deadlines to respond to questions about Northern Powerhouse Rail delivery.  
    • Decarbonisation & future transport, for example, how will we roll out EV infrastructure more quickly and release transport projects that the planning system delays. 

I will do this as I have Transport experience in and out of Parliament.  

  • Recently Minister for Roads & Regions (inc TfL) in the Dept for Transport 
  • Helped setup the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, looking at how strategic networked transport is a driver of economic growth. Transport is key to levelling up.  
  • Practical Experience of what it takes to deliver engineering projects – worked on M6 Thelwall Viaduct & M60 motorway jobs. 
  • As a pained user, I feel every day the impact disrupted transport has. I’ve used the West Coast Mainline & local rail for work for 25+ years and I can’t remember it this bad. 
  • I have a STEM degree and a come with a ‘what works’ mindset. I want to be both practical, in the here and now, and as well as strategic in the way we examine the future. That way I believe we can serve all our communities best.  

Government can and must bring greater focus to bear on the here and now, not just the big sexy infrastructure projects which attract the finest minds and the biggest budgets. There is much to do to solve our problems in the near term. This thinking is hard, technical, less capital intensive, more people orientated and frankly not supported enough locally or nationally. Crossing local authority boundaries is something we do with people, ideas, goods and money every day as businesses seek to grow. Let’s enable the House of Commons select committee to do that for both the long term, like Northern Powerhouse Rail, and with smaller, faster delivered projects.  

Chris Loder

MP for West Dorset

Nominated by (own party)

Simon Fell, Scott Benton, Matt Vickers, Andrea Leadsom, Philip Davies, Robin Walker, David Simmonds, Mary Robinson, Stephen Crabb, Sir Jeremy Wright, Dr Jamie Wallis, Darren Henry, Sir Gary Streeter, Tom Hunt, John Penrose

Nominated by (other parties or no party)

Tonia Antoniazzi, Liz Saville Roberts

Relevant interests

I’m a former employee of the rail industry as per my entry in the Members’ register.

Candidate statement

Upon election to the House, I had worked in the transport industry for 20 years, mostly in rail. I draw upon a level of experience and insight that is unparalleled amongst the candidates and I want to make sure that, if elected as chairman, we as a Parliament can better represent our constituents, improve the transport services they receive and really be the voice of the passenger in a way we have not been before.

My commitment to focus on the issues affecting you and your constituents:

My first commitment to you is that, if I am elected, I will hit the ground running to make prompt progress on your priorities. In order to do that, I have asked for your priorities over the last week. You can still share those priorities with me online at:

From that feedback so far, it is already clear that members want a focus on serious and difficult issues that affect constituents today - and I commit to doing that. Issues such as:

  • Avanti West Coast’s dire performance – along with others such as Transpennine;
  • HS2 – particularly its poor community relations;
  • DVLA – driver licensing
  • Growing taxpayer subsidy of the DfT with worsening services; and
  • Diminishing rural transport, especially for the elderly and vulnerable; and
  • Minimum Service Level legislation.

I commit to immediate an immediate inquiry into Avanti West Coast’s performance and Minimum Service Level legislation.

My track record and expertise to support you with difficult issues:

  1. 20-year career in transport - starting at the frontline as a Train Guard;
  2. The only candidate to have been an active trade union member (of the RMT and the TSSA unions);
  3. Delivering major infrastructure projects such as the Waterloo Station upgrade in 2017;
  4. Lead the Commercial Department of the largest Train Operator in the UK;
  5. Former Director of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and Chairman of the Institution of Railway Operators;
  6. Lead the innovative programme for Deutsche Bahn, the German Railway to connect London with direct train to Frankfurt, Cologne and Amsterdam; and
  7. Spent time with transport systems in Japan as well as the United States of America.

My priorities - if elected:

  1. Challenge poor performing transport operations that are affecting day to day lives
  2. Informed and hands-on scrutiny for the huge cost base of UK Government spending for organisations such as Network Rail and National Highways and the DfT franchising
  3. Regular engagement with MPs to ensure that the select committee’s priorities are your priorities and that we proactively feedback
  4. Steer an agenda focussed to address transport needs across the country and to ensure investment fairness whether rural or urban
  5. HS2, GBR, Smart Motorways, e-Scooters, Electric Vehicles, Maritime, Local Aviation, Rural Buses and Industrial Action are all priorities of mine, along with a relentless focus on safety and use of taypayer’s money - especially the work of regulators.

I’m really grateful for your consideration and hope I can count on your vote.

Karl McCartney

MP for Lincoln

Nominated by (own party)

Lia Nici, Robert Courts,  Greg Smith, Gary Sambrook, Jason McCartney, Stephen McPartland, James Grundy, Craig Mackinlay, Henry Smith, Ben Bradley,  Martin Vickers, Paul Holmes, Ben Everitt,  Sir Charles Walker, Mrs Pauline Latham

Nominated by (other parties or no party)

Jamie Stone, Jim Shannon, Ben Lake, Jonathan Edwards, Sarah Champion 

Relevant interests

My Register entry is clear: I have worked in various roles within the transport sector and have also attended various events, most recently ‘The Goodwood Revival’ as I have a keen interest in classic cars and the Association of Heritage Engineers and apprenticeships across the sector.  

Candidate statement

I’m standing to be Chair of the Transport Select Committee and believe that I offer a credible candidature – the kind colleagues from across the political spectrum who have nominated me attest to that – due to my:

  • professional 20+ year experience working across the transport sector – SRA, TfL, Copart
  • eight-year membership of the Committee where I have consistently held the Government to account and stood in for the Chair on a number of occasions
  • a period as a Transport Minister which gave me great insight into how the Department for Transport “works”.

Those Members from across all Parties who I’ve worked with on the Committee – and other Committees - know me to be independent of thought, fair-minded and a team player without fear nor favour from the Establishment. As Chair, these will be the principles that have guided, and will guide, how I work with my fellow Committee Members.

Transport Issues to be Addressed

It’s my belief that the key issues which require greater scrutiny from the Committee over the remainder of this Parliament are:

  • Scrutiny of the Integrated Rail Plan (IRP), potential birth of GBR, Network Rail, HS2, and continuing serious performance problems with the rail network
  • Balancing the move to zero emission vehicles without damaging the economy / livelihoods of the public
  • The future of so called ‘smart’ motorways remains unresolved. I’ve led the campaign against them
  • Continuing poor DVLA performance
  • Holding the Government to account on their delivery and decision-making on key strategic infrastructure investments
  • Labour shortages in the sector especially freight and the supply-chain
  • How the Government will ensure the UK plays a leading role in the space industry
  • The Government’s strategy to invest in our maritime industry
  • Ensuring the National Bus Strategy delivers
  • Securing the future of our aviation industry.

My Experience as a Transport and Parliamentary Champion

  • I have been a long-time transport sector champion which has included my pre-Parliamentary experience working in the logistics sector
  • I am a keen advocate of ensuring the Government, its agencies and regulators are held to account on behalf of Parliament and the public
  • I will ensure the Committee continues to work on a collegiate and non-partisan basis which is why it has been effective in the past and will continue to be so in the future
  • My short time as a Minister has given me great inside insight on how the Department actually “works” which would also support my role as Chair
  • Transport has also been my focus in my Lincoln Constituency where I have successfully campaigned for major improvements.

My eight years as a Member of the Committee, including standing in for the Chair when required, means I have long-standing experience of the key issues, the key organisations and how to bring about much-needed scrutiny of the Government in a crucial sector that affects all our constituents and our Country’s future.

Thank you for your consideration.

Iain Stewart

MP for Milton Keynes South

Nominated by (own party)

Simon Jupp, James Morris, Amanda Milling, Dr Liam Fox, Julian Smith, David Duguid, Sir Robert Goodwill, Cherilyn Mackrory, Chris Clarkson, Stephen Hammond, Jack Lopresti, Sir Mike Penning, John Howell, Priti Patel, Sara Britcliffe

Nominated by (other parties or no party)

Mr Alistair Carmichael, Christine Jardine, Dr Lisa Cameron, John Nicolson, Lilian Greenwood

Relevant interests

None declared

Candidate statement

Our transport sector has faced enormous challenges over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented shock; it grounded planes, and emptied roads and railways. The resulting global economic challenges have strained our supply chains and climate change commitments made at COP26 have forced industry leaders to hasten plans to reduce emissions. At the same time the UK’s transport network is still in real need of investment to improve connectivity between regional economic centres and help support the levelling up agenda.  

I am standing to be the next Chair of the Transport Select Committee because I believe that I have the right mix of interest, knowledge and experience of transport issues to bring a laser focus on what parliament can do to hold the government and the industry to account for its commitments and responses to the multifaceted challenges the future of transport faces.  

I believe my proven personnel skills and consensual leadership style will draw out the best from colleagues and enhance the reputation of the Committee inside and outside of Parliament. 

Effective Select Committees should, of course, fairly scrutinise and hold to account Government Departments, Agencies and operators; but they should also conduct forward-looking and constructive inquiries into future challenges and opportunities. As Chair I would want the Committee to have a good balance of both types of inquiry. 

Transport Knowledge & Experience 

I have had a keen interest in transport all my life and have made it the focus of much of my work in Parliament. This includes being: 

  • Member of Transport Select Committee for 6 years (2010-13 and 2015-18). I was involved in a wide range of inquiries, including: Heathrow Third Runway, HS2, Coastguard Modernisation, Buses, Electric Vehicles, Road Safety, Air Quality, Rail Technology, Diesel Car Emissions Scandal; 
  • Parliamentary Private Secretary to Secretary of State for Transport (Patrick McLoughlin) (2013-15); 
  • Government Whip for DfT (2019-2020); 
  • Holding the Transport Portfolio in Scotland Office while Minister for Scotland (2020-22); 
  • Commissioned by former MHCLG Secretary of State (Sajid Javid) to research and write a report on East-West Rail and the Oxford-Cambridge Growth Arc (2018); and 
  • Gaining a Fellowship in Rail Transport with Industry & Parliament Trust. 

Leadership Experience & Style 

I am a skilled interviewer and experienced in drawing out key information from interviewees. This is from my professional career as an executive recruitment consultant and from a wide range of voluntary roles. 

I have experience in chairing a wide range of committees and organisations. I have a collegiate approach and style and would not make the Select Committee a partisan body. Throughout my political career I have respected those of other political persuasions and sought to find common ground. I would chair the Committee objectively and constructively.  

I would be very grateful indeed for the opportunity to chair this vital Committee. 

Further information

Image: Dominika Gregušová via Pexels