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Committee scrutinises the Government’s maritime policy

1 March 2022

The Transport Committee is beginning work on an inquiry into Maritime 2050: Objectives, implementation and effects

Ranging across shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine industries, the Department for Transport leads on the Government’s strategy for the maritime sector.

The Department’s policy is framed by Maritime 2050: Navigating the future. Published in 2019, this Government strategy addresses seven top-level themes of competitive advantage, technology, people, environment, trade, infrastructure, security and resilience.

Within each, there are further sub-themes with short-term, medium-term and long-term targets. It has been supplemented by later documents such as the Maritime Recovery Road Map following the onset of the pandemic and the Clean Maritime Plan, an environmental route map.

The Transport Committee is calling for written evidence, particularly on:

  • Whether and how the ambitions and objectives described in Maritime 2050 support the maritime sector;
  • Progress towards the ambitions and targets set out in Maritime 2050, including effectiveness, pace and priority of the strategy’s implementation, and,
  • The effect of Maritime 2050 on Government policies and regulation, maritime sector decision making and economic and environmental outcomes.

The deadline for written evidence is Friday, 25 March 2022.

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