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Evidence session - Fuelling the future: motive power and connectivity

24 February 2022

The Transport Committee considers how private companies can harness the potential of alternative fuels. The Committee’s inquiry is examining how Government fuel policy will affect connectivity, capacity and sustainability across all transport modes up to 2050.

Hearing from four separate panels, MPs will take a deeper look at the alternative fuels attracting investment from companies and the policy levers which Government could consider to encourage uptake.

Purpose of the session

Likely subjects for discussion include:

  • The Government’s ‘technology agnostic’ approach to decarbonising transport
  • The potential of alternative fuels to decarbonise the maritime, aviation, road and rail sectors
  • The balance of alternative fuel investment between Government and the private sector


Wednesday 2 March 2022

Panel one at 09.30 – Maritime:

  • Rhona Macdonald, Sustainability Advisor, British Ports Association
  • Anna Ziou, Policy Director (Safety and Environment), The UK Chamber of Shipping

Panel two at 10.00 – Aviation:

  • James McMicking, Vice-President for Strategy, ZeroAvia
  • Rob Bishton, Group Director for Safety and Airspace Regulation, The UK Civil Aviation Authority

Panel three at 10.30 – Road:

  • Greg Archer, Director, Electromobility UK
  • Guy Lachlan, Director, Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance

Panel four at 11.00 – Rail:

  • Maggie Simpson OBE, Director General, Rail Freight Group
  • Helen Simpson, Innovation and Projects Director, Porterbrook

Further information

Image: Unsplash