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Transport Committee holds road freight supply chain session

19 November 2021

The House of Commons Transport Select Committee holds the first evidence session of its inquiry on the road freight supply chains.

Purpose of the session

During its inquiry, the Committee will examine the challenges facing the road freight supply chain, including the pandemic, driver shortages and changes to border procedures. The Committee will explore how the sector has worked to alleviate those problems and what more it could do. It will also examine the effectiveness of Government policy in this area, including recent and proposed changes to driver training and regulation, including cabotage and drivers’ hours rules.  


In this session, the Committee will question representative bodies in the sector and as well as those with experience of driver recruitment and training.  


The 2016 Transport Select Committee made several recommendations concerning the road freight supply chain in its July 2016 Report, Skills and Planning in the Road Haulage Sector. 




Wednesday 24 November 2021

Panel 1: 

From 9:30am

  • Shane Brennan, Chief Executive, Cold Chain Federation 
  • Duncan Buchanan, Policy Director (England & Wales), Road Haulage Association 
  • Elizabeth de Jong, Director of Policy, Logistics UK   

Panel 2:

From approx 10.30am

  • Adrian Jones, National Officer for Road Transport, Unite 
  • Kieran Smith, Chief Executive, Driver Require 

Further information

Image: DfT