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Committee to hold one-off oral session on decarbonising transport

13 September 2021

The Transport Committee is holding a one-off oral evidence session on the Department for Transport’s transport decarbonisation plan, Decarbonising Transport: a Better, Greener Britain.

Purpose of the session

MPs will hear from Minister Maclean, alongside a senior official, about the Government’s plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport, both domestically and internationally, between now and 2050. The Committee will scrutinise the Government’s official projections on the reduction UK transport emissions, including UK international aviation and shipping emissions, that need to be achieved as part of the sector’s contribution to Net Zero.

MPs will look at the Government’s overall strategy for decarbonising transport as well as the specific steps the Government is taking to decarbonise different forms of transport, such as aviation, freight, shipping, cars and rail.

The Committee will also explore the opportunities to shift journeys from cars and air to less polluting modes and the impact such changes could have on people’s day-to-day lives. MPs will also examine the costs of this transition and how it should be paid for.  


Wednesday 15 September

At 9.30am

  • Rachel Maclean MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at Department for Transport
  • Richard Bruce, Director of Environment and Future Mobility, Department for Transport

Further information

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