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Committee asks young drivers about potential restrictions to reduce road traffic collisions

23 September 2020

Students from a selection of schools in England are to speak to MPs on the Transport Committee about what can be done to address the rate of road traffic collisions for young people.

Disproportionate number killed and injured

Drivers aged 17-24 make up only seven per cent of total licence holders but represent 21% of all car drivers killed and seriously injured, according to the road safety charity, Brake.

Student views

In an online event, students from four schools in Barnsley, Greater Manchester, Devon and Essex will share their views on why traffic incident rates are higher for young people and whether they think restrictions on their driving would reduce these rates. Their opinions will inform the Committee’s inquiry into Government action to reduce collision rates for young and novice drivers.

The schools are:

  • Barnsley College, Yorkshire
  • Altrincham Girls’ School, Greater Manchester
  • Queen Elizabeth’s School, Devon
  • Harris Academy Chafford Hundred, Essex

The students, aged 17-19 and a mix of new and learner drivers, will be asked about a range of potential measures recommended by road safety experts and campaigners. These include mandatory learning periods, lower blood alcohol limits and displaying a ‘P’ plate following successful driving tests. Potential restrictions on young and novice drivers could include limiting the number of passengers in the car; not being able to drive during night hours; a maximum speed limit and limiting the type of vehicle available.

The event will not be broadcast but a transcript of the session will be available in the following days and published on the Transport Committee’s website. The information will be used in the Committee’s inquiry into young and novice drivers.

In early September, the Committee heard from road safety campaigners Ian Greenwood and George Atkinson, bereaved through road traffic collisions, alongside academics and road safety charities. A further evidence session is planned in October.

Further information

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