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All lane running inquiry launched

27 November 2015

Several "all-lane running" motorway schemes in sections of the M1, M4, M5, M6, M42 and M62 are in operation either as part of a managed motorway or with the hard shoulder used as a full-time running lane. Use of all-lane running looks set to expand and the Transport Committee would like to evaluate the evidence generated to date and gather information on the experiences of road users.

The Transport Committee is particularly interested in receiving evidence on:

  • The impact of all-lane running on the safety of motorway users
  • The effectiveness of all-lane running in managing capacity and congestion on the Strategic Road Network
  • The impact on motorway maintenance
  • Incident rates, the management of incidents, vehicle recovery, and the provision of refuge areas where all-lane running is used
  • How policy on all-lane running should evolve, whether application of the policy should be expanded, and whether the policy is sustainable
  • The implications of the policy for future motorway widening schemes
  • The extent to which road users understand and comply with signs where all-lane running is in operation, and the changes that are needed in driver education and behaviour

The Transport Committee would be grateful to receive written submissions by 31 January 2016.

Further information

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