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Bus Services Bill inquiry launched

19 July 2016

The Transport Committee launches an inquiry on the Bus Services Bill. The Bill, currently before Parliament, seeks to amend the framework for the delivery of bus services in England outside of London and provide for improvements in ticketing, open data and bus registration.

Scope of the inquiry

The Transport Committee may produce a short report on the Bill to inform the House's deliberations. The Committee is interested in the extent to which legislation is required in this area, and if so, whether the current Bill addresses the correct issues. The Committee wishes also to receive evidence on the extent to which the provisions of the Bill are likely to achieve improved passenger services, greater passenger numbers and a robust bus sector.

Send a written submission

Submissions addressing the following would be particularly welcome:

  • The need for the Bill
  • Whether the Bill addresses the correct issues
  • How Advanced Quality Partnerships and Enhanced Partnerships are likely to contribute to the Government's aims of improving services for passengers and enabling a successful commercial sector
  • The appropriateness of limiting the automatic right to introduce franchising to combined authorities with elected mayors
  • The likely effect of franchising on small and medium operators
  • The effectiveness of the measures relating to open data and how these could improve the accessibility of bus transport
  • The basis for a prohibition on new municipal bus companies delivering bus services, particularly in non-franchised areas
  • Measures in the Bill relating to ticketing schemes and new technologies

The Committee would be grateful to receive written submissions by Friday 26 August 2016. Evidence submitted after this date will still be accepted but may not inform the oral evidence session.

Further information

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