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Transport Select Committee visit Derby train technology companies

9 July 2019

In connection with the Committee's inquiry into Trains fit for the Future?, MPs visit three companies in Derby working on future train technology: Bombardier, Porterbrook and Loram.


In the past few years, the Government has insisted that the future of rolling stock is likely to be hydrogen and battery-powered, potentially in some form of ‘hybrid' formation with a traditional power source.  In February 2018, the Government pledged to remove diesel-only trains from the rail network by 2040.

Purpose of the inquiry

The Committee's inquiry into the trains of the future examines the costs and benefits to the rail industry as it takes decisions about moving away from diesel powered trains to electric and bi-mode and the use of alternative fuels such as batteries and hydrogen.

Potential passenger benefits will be a priority as work has already begun on carriages which must meet the changing needs of the travelling public.

Focus of the visit

Thursday 11 July 2019

During Thursday's visit, MPs are keen to understand more about some of the alternative fuel projects that the UK rail industry is currently leading on and to understand more about their potential future applications.

The Committee's Chair, Lilian Greenwood MP, is joined by Ruth Cadbury MP, Huw Merriman MP and Grahame Morris MP.

Chair's comments

"We are very much aware of the need to plan for a future which ensures better air quality for everyone and eliminates carbon emissions. The transport industry has clear responsibilities in both areas and the rail industry must lead the way by thinking innovatively, investing wisely and putting people first.

Derby has been a key location for the manufacture of transport equipment for more than a century. We're looking forward to visiting Loram, Porterbrook and Bombardier and hearing how their work is leading the field for the UK in this area."

Further information

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