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Transport Committee to publish Four Special Reports

22 July 2015

The Transport Select Committee will be publishing four Special Reports

  • Investing in the railway: Network Rail Response to the Committee's Seventh Report of Session 2014–15 (HC 347)
  • Motoring of the future: Government Response to the Committee's Eighth Report of Session 2014–15 (HC 349)
  • Smaller airports: Government Response to the Committee's Ninth Report of Session 2014–15 (HC 350)
  • Strategic river crossings: Government Response to the Committee's Tenth Report of Session 2014–15 (HC 348)

The Committee has agreed to publish the four reports at 11.00am on Friday 24 July.

The Reports will be available on The Stationery Office (TSO) Ltd's and the Committee's website shortly after the publication hour has passed: Transport Committee Publications.

The Reports may also be purchased from TSO—Tel: 08457 023474.

Further information

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