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Scottish Affairs Committee

Commons Select Committee

The Scottish Affairs Committee scrutinises the expenditure, administration and policies of the Scotland Office, and its associated bodies. The Committee also examines the wider UK Government, to assess policies and legislation that lead to direct impacts on Scotland. It is chaired by Pete Wishart MP. You can follow the Committee on Twitter @CommonsScotAffs

For information about the work of committees before 2020 please go to inquiries before 2020 and publications before 2020. For information on former committees before 2020, please visit former committees.

Committee news

Government complacent on Scotland's renewable sector
Scottish Affairs Committee publishes Government Response to renewable energy report
21 October 2016
Scotland's position in EU examined in Glasgow
Scottish Affairs Committee visits Glasgow to discuss Scotland's place within EU with key industries
19 October 2016
Ministers for Scotland and Immigration to appear in demographics inquiry
Scottish Affairs Committee examines population and migration challenges in Scotland with Ministers
17 October 2016
Scottish Government quizzed on demographics of Scotland
Scottish Affairs Committee questions Scottish Government Minister on the demographics of Scotland
14 September 2016
What options exist for Scotland's future relationship with the EU?
Scottish Affairs Committee examines Scotland's future relationship with Europe following referendum
7 September 2016
Uncertainty risks harming growth in Scotland's renewable energy industry
Scottish Affairs Committee publishes report calling for clarity on future support for renewables
25 July 2016
English Votes for English Laws re-examined
Scottish Affairs Committee re-examines English Votes for English Laws six months after their first use
18 July 2016
Report launch on renewable energy
Scottish Affairs Committee to hold launch event for renewable energy in Scotland report
15 July 2016
Scotland's place in Europe inquiry launched
Scottish Affairs Committee launches an inquiry into Scotland's place in Europe, following the referendum
14 July 2016
Isle of Skye visit to discuss population challenges
Scottish Affairs Committee visits the Isle of Skye to examine population trends in the highlands
4 July 2016
First post Brexit insight to business and migration in Scotland
Scottish Affairs Committee discusses the changing demographics of Scotland and the impact on business
27 June 2016
"Disappointing" Government response to Creative industries in Scotland report
Scottish Affairs Committee publishes the Government's response to Creative industries in Scotland report
21 June 2016
Energy Minister gives evidence on renewable energy projects in Scotland
Scottish Affairs Committee questions Government Ministers on UK representation in the Scottish renewable sector
14 June 2016
Renewable energy and electricity infrastructure discussed in Edinburgh
Scottish Affairs Committee visit Edinburgh to discuss electricity infrastructure with industry and government
7 June 2016
UK and Scottish Government Ministers discuss EU referendum impact
Scottish Affairs Committee also hears from leave and remain campaign group representatives
20 May 2016
Effect of EU on Scotland discussed in Glasgow
Scottish Affairs Committee visits Glasgow to discuss potential impact of EU referendum
9 May 2016
What impact does an aging population have on the economy?
Scottish Affairs Committee hears from academics on Scotland's aging population and its economic impact
25 April 2016
Impact of EU Referendum on Scotland examined
Scottish Affairs Committee announce sessions on the impact of the EU referendum on Scotland
21 April 2016
Future demographic trends for Scotland discussed in Edinburgh
Scottish Affairs Committee visits Edinburgh to discuss how demographic trends impact Scotland's economy
12 April 2016
Can we rely on renewables for a secure energy supply?
Scottish Affairs Committee takes further evidence on what forms of renewables Scotland should use
11 April 2016
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