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Scottish Affairs Committee

Commons Select Committee

The Scottish Affairs Committee scrutinises the expenditure, administration and policies of the Scotland Office, and its associated bodies. The Committee also examines the wider UK Government, to assess policies and legislation that lead to direct impacts on Scotland. It is chaired by Pete Wishart MP. You can follow the Committee on Twitter @CommonsScotAffs

For information about the work of committees before 2020 please go to inquiries before 2020 and publications before 2020. For information on former committees before 2020, please visit former committees.

Committee news

No-deal tariffs could be “disastrous” for Scottish agriculture, comments Chair
Scottish farmers are fearful of the "disruptive" impact of tariffs
19 March 2019
Specialist adviser role with the Scottish Affairs Committee
Committee seek a specialist adviser for its inquiry into the Use and Misuse of Drugs in Scotland
19 March 2019
Committee consider funding and policy priorities for post-brexit Scottish agriculture
Questions will explore concerns from farmers over potential tariffs and quotas, and a UK-wide framework and devolved policy.
15 March 2019
MPs question Scottish Government Minister on Scottish-UK relations
The final evidence session will examine the impact of Brexit on UK-Scottish relations
11 March 2019
Scottish Government must have a guaranteed role in future trade negotiations
Scottish Affairs Committee publish report into trade and brexit
11 March 2019
Crofting is the “lifeblood” of island communities, comments Committee chair
Report reveals the importance of crofting to Scottish islands
6 March 2019
UK minister questioned on UK-Scottish Government relationship
The impact of Brexit on intergovernmental relations explored in questions to the Minister for the Constitution
5 March 2019
Committee examines use and misuse of drugs in Scotland
Committee look into rising drug misuse in Scotland, and whether Edinburgh has sufficient powers to tackle the problem
4 March 2019
Committee invites evidence on access to financial services in Scotland
Committee assesses the impact of bank closures on access to financial services
27 February 2019
Environmental priorities for Scottish agriculture considered by Committee
Committee hear from groups over post-Brexit environmental protections
26 February 2019
Committee hear implications of Government's immigration plans for Scottish economy
Committee examine the impact of the Government's white paper on immigration, and its consquences for Scottish business
11 February 2019
Committee visits Scotland's remote farming communities
The Scottish Affairs Committee meet with crofters on the Isle of Lewis, to understand the impact of policy after Brexit
7 February 2019
Committee questions former ministers and officials on Scotland-UK relations
The Scottish Affairs Committee will examine current and post-Brexit relations between the two governments
5 February 2019
Committee demands a future deal to support oil and gas industry
Committee report recommends a framework to ensure the future of Scotland's oil and gas industry
4 February 2019
Committee hears from experts on the future of Scottish agriculture
Scottish Affairs Committee hear from experts and students on the future of Scottish agriculture after Brexit
28 January 2019
Committee looks to Canada and Belgium for devolution direction
Scottish Affairs Committee hold evidence session looking into intergovernmental relations
14 January 2019
Scottish Affairs Committee to examine impact of Fisheries Bill on Scottish fishing industry
Scottish Affairs Committee hears from stakeholders on the Fisheries Bill
4 January 2019
Ministers quizzed on future of Scotland’s oil and gas industry
Committee discusses the future of Scotland's oil and gas industry
14 December 2018
BBC questioned on new ‘channel for modern Scotland’
Scottish Affairs Committee examine plans for BBC Scotland
11 December 2018
Committee seeks clarity from Ministers on future of Scottish trade post-Brexit
Scottish Affairs Committee question Secretaries of State on post-Brexit trade
30 November 2018
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