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Scottish Affairs Committee

Commons Select Committee

The Scottish Affairs Committee scrutinises the expenditure, administration and policies of the Scotland Office, and its associated bodies. The Committee also examines the wider UK Government, to assess policies and legislation that lead to direct impacts on Scotland. It is chaired by Pete Wishart MP. You can follow the Committee on Twitter @CommonsScotAffs

For information about the work of committees before 2020 please go to inquiries before 2020 and publications before 2020. For information on former committees before 2020, please visit former committees.

Committee news

Application process sped up for agricultural workers
Home Office response comes following pressure from Scottish Affairs Committee Chair
14 June 2019
Committee to question Post Office on banking service in Scotland
Questions raised amid concerns over capacity of the Post Office to compensate for widespread bank closures
11 June 2019
Inquiry into impact of welfare policy in Scotland launched
Committee will investigate the impact of Universal Credit and two-child limit on levels of social inequality
10 June 2019
Committee recommends review of Scotland Office and Secretary of State for Scotland
Report calls into question the relevance of the Scotland Office, and notes a deterioration in UK-Scotland government relations
7 June 2019
Gove questioned on Scottish agriculture after Brexit
Committee question Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on what the return of powers to the UK means for Scottish agriculture
4 June 2019
MSPs to examine routes into problem drug use
Committee explore the causes of problematic drug misuse in Scotland
4 June 2019
Committee to hear real-life experiences of problem drug use
Scottish Affairs Committee hold a series of outreach events and evidence sessions in Edinburgh and London focusing on problem drug use in Scotland.
17 May 2019
Minister questioned on future of Scottish agriculture after Brexit
Committee questions Scottish Rural Secretary Fergus Ewing, in final evidence session
10 May 2019
Government sidesteps Committee’s call for Scottish oil and gas sector deal
Committee expresses disappointment by Government's response to its report
9 May 2019
Adverse childhood experiences and mental health are drivers of drug use, MPs told
As drug deaths increase, evidence links traumatic childhood and mental health issues to problem drug use
5 May 2019
Problem drug use in Scotland considered by Committee
Scottish Affairs Committee questions academics
3 May 2019
Regulators give evidence on access to cash in Scotland
Committee hears the impact of bank and ATM closures on the Scottish public's access to cash and facilities
1 May 2019
Scotland’s major banks give evidence on access to cash
Committee to hear the impact of dramatic reductions in ATMs and bank facilities
26 April 2019
Chair urges Government to address visa delays for seasonal agricultural workers
Committee chair urges Government to resolve visa delays that could undermine workers pilot scheme
26 April 2019
Needs of Scottish farmers not adequately met by workers scheme, hears committee
Reduced migrant labour and lack of Scottish workers not alleviated by seasonal workers pilot scheme
24 April 2019
Committee examines impact of Brexit on agricultural workforce in Scotland
Scottish Affairs Committee explore immigration proposals and workers schemes for agriculture post Brexit
18 April 2019
Committee to hear from leaders of ATM networks over "access to cash"
Committee examine the impact of closures on business and communities
29 March 2019
Regulation on access to cash essential, comments Chair
Committee hear that the use of mobile branches is "clearly insufficient", in light of widespread bank closures.
26 March 2019
Committee examines dwindling numbers of ATMs and rural banks in Scotland
Consumer groups questioned on impact of atm and bank closures on communities across Scotland
26 March 2019
Committee visits institute to explore innovation and technologies in Scottish agriculture
Committee will look at how technologies will improve agricultural productivity and sustainability
21 March 2019
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