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How can renewable energy targets be met in Scotland?

10 June 2021

Renewable energy companies, SSEN and Ofgem will be appearing before the Scottish Affairs Committee as it continues its inquiry on renewable energy in Scotland.

Focus of the session

Among the issues to be discussed across the two panels will be:

  • What large renewable energy companies need to meet renewable energy targets;
  • Just transition and jobs for the people of Scotland;
  • Development of the grid; and
  • Transmission charges.


From 11:45

  • Clare Mack, Chief Executive, Scottish Renewables
  • Matthieu Hue, Chief Executive Officer, EDF Renewables
  • Lucy Whitford, Managing Director for UK & Ireland RES

From 12:45:

  • Bless Kuri, Head of System Planning, SSEN Transmission
  • Steven McMahon, Deputy Director, Electricity Distribution & Cross Sector Policy, Ofgem

Further information

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