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Regulators give evidence on access to cash in Scotland

1 May 2019

Following a session with Scotland’s major banks today, the Scottish Affairs Committee takes evidence from banking and ATM regulators on Wednesday 1 May.

Difficult and expensive

The Scottish Affairs Committee is holding an inquiry into the closure of bank branches and the withdrawal of ATMs in Scotland. There is concern that this reduction in facilities is having an impact on the ability of Scottish consumers and small businesses to access financial services and making accessing cash difficult and expensive. In this session, the Committee will hear from two major regulators of banking and ATM networks; the Lending Standards Board and the Payment Systems Regulator.

The session will cover a broad range of issues related to branch closures and the reduction of access to financial services in Scotland. In particular, questions will concentrate on the geographical coverage of ATMs in Scotland, the regulators’ abilities to enforce their regulations and the level of public trust in banks. The Committee will also focus on the progress the regulators have made since the Committee made recommendations on how banks should assess branch closures.


Wednesday 1 May 2019, Committee Room 6

At 10.15am

  • Dave Pickering, Chief Executive, Lending Standards Board
  • Liz Thompson, Head of Compliance, Lending Standards Board
  • Chris Hemsley, Co-Managing Director, Payment System Regulator 
  • Matthew Cherry, Chief Economist, Payment System Regulator

Further information

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