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Members of the public present ideas to the Scottish Affairs Committee

2 November 2020

Members of the public will be among those presenting ideas to the Scottish Affairs Committee on Wednesday that may inspire the topic of their next inquiry.

The Committee received more than eighty submissions to its My Scottish Affairs 2020 Inquiry launched in July. Eight have been selected to make a five-minute pitch to MPs, who will then have up to ten minutes to probe each idea.

This interactive inquiry forms part of Parliament Week, an annual drive to involve, inform and engage people with their legislative bodies and representatives.

Pitches from 14.00:

1. Inclusivity/Communication Strategy: Janis McDonald, deafscotland;

  • Seeks to address the lack of Inclusive Communication Strategy that would help those affected by deafness and other language and communication barriers.

2. Functioning of the UK Internal Market Post-Brexit: Clare Slipper, NFU Scotland;

  • Proposes that the Committee examine how the UK Internal Market proposals impact each of Scotland’s sectors.

3. Pensions: Rosemary Dickson, member of the public;

  • Would look into the impact in Scotland of increasing the State Pension age.

4. Constitutional Affairs: Michael Clancy, Law Society of Scotland;

  • Proposes an examination of constitutional arrangements and how they will affect Scotland’s post-Brexit future, including the ability of devolved administrations to influence trade agreements.

5. Spouse visa system: Benjamin Gill, member of the public;

  • Examines the fairness of immigration rules for spouses of UK citizens.

6. Impact of Social Security Policy on Scotland: Mhoraig Green, Strategic Lead – Social Justice, Citizen’s Advice Scotland;

  • Wishes to probe the impact of Universal Credit and Scottish Choices on Scotland.

7. Immigration: Moira Crawford, member of the public.

  • Seeks to investigate the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.

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