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Scottish university representatives questioned on sector funding challenges

6 October 2020

The Scottish Affairs Committee examines the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on universities


Thursday 8 October 2020, virtual meeting

At 2.00pm

  • Alastair Sim, Director, Universities Scotland
  • Dr Vicky Johnson, Director, Centre for Remote and Sustainable Communities, University of the Highlands and Islands
  • Professor James Conroy, Dean for Global Engagement (Europe) and Vice Principal Ermeritus, University of Glasgow

It is a critical period for Scotland’s higher education sector as the side effects of coronavirus compound longer-term external headwinds, such as the erosion of real-terms central government funding.

The panel, which includes the Director of Universities Scotland, Alastair Sim, is expected to be asked about the;

  • impact of the coronavirus pandemic;
  • challenges and opportunities in funding;
  • potential effect of introducing fees for EU students; and
  • the effect of student number controls.

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Image: Element5 Digital/Pexels