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Experts consulted on UK and Scottish governments' handling of the coronavirus pandemic

15 June 2020

The Scottish Affairs Committee hears from a panel of constitutional, public health, and economics experts as it probes the UK and Scottish governments' responses to the coronavirus pandemic.


Thursday 18 June - virtual meeting

At 2.30pm

  • Akash Paun, Senior Fellow, Institute for Government
  • Prof. Linda Bauld, Professor of Public Health, Bruce and Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh
  • Prof. David Bell, Professor of economics, University of Stirling
  • Prof. Nicola McEwen, Co-Director, Centre on Constitutional Change, University of Edinburgh

Purpose of the session

MPs will drill further into the role of the Scotland Office and intergovernmental working around the pandemic response and are also likely to focus on the:

  • long-term impact of the pandemic on intergovernmental relations and structures;
  • challenges facing the Scottish public health system; and
  • economic impact of the coronavirus in Scotland.

The evidence will form part of the Committee's ongoing Coronavirus and Scotland Inquiry.

Further information

Image: Pixabay