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Aberdeen hosts discussion of oil and gas industry

25 June 2018

The Scottish Affairs Committee visits Aberdeen as part of their inquiry into the oil and gas industry.

Future of the oil and gas industry

Aberdeen is at the heart of the UK's oil and gas industry, and is uniquely vulnerable to fluctuations in oil price affecting the economic feasibility of extraction. There has been a long-term decline in production, lower levels of investment and less tax revenue, however it still provides £17 billion to the UK economy and supports 300,000 jobs.

In this session, the Committee hears from economic and technical experts on the oil and gas sector about the prognosis for the industry in Scotland. It examines what impact Government policy has had and what reforms would support growth. The Committee also considers the work being done to find technical solutions make North Sea oil extraction more viable and reduce the impact on the environment.

This session is open to the public and takes place at the Oil and Gas Technology Centre.


Monday 25 June 2018, Oil and Gas Technology Centre, 20 Queens Road, Aberdeen, Scotland AB15 4ZT

From 10.30am

  • Colette Cohen, CEO, Oil & Gas Technology Centre
  • Prof. Paul de Leeuw, Director of the Oil and Gas Institute at Robert Gordon University
  • Prof. Alex Kemp, Professor of Petroleum Economics at University of Aberdeen and Director of Aberdeen Centre for Research in Energy Economics and Finance
  • Willie Reid, Director, Strathclyde Oil and Gas Institute 

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