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Committee consider funding and policy priorities for post-brexit Scottish agriculture

15 March 2019

The Scottish Affairs Committee continues its inquiry into the future of Scottish agriculture, with an evidence session featuring witnesses from key agricultural sectors and think tanks, to consider the priorities of a post-Brexit policy and the impact of the Government's proposed no-deal tariff regime, for agricultural goods.


Scottish agriculture has specific characteristics which make it unique within the UK. For instance, Scotland has a long history of crofting and has 85% of its land designated as a “less favoured area” compared to only 17% in England. The Scottish Affairs Committee is conducting an inquiry into the future of Scottish agriculture after Brexit, and how agricultural policy can be designed to benefit Scottish farmers and crofters once the UK is no longer part of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Priorities after Brexit

In this session, the Committee will consider what should be prioritised and funded within a new Scottish agricultural policy. In the first panel, the Committee will question representatives of National Sheep Association Scotland, First Milk, Scotch Beef Association and Agricultural Industries Confederation on their views on how a future policy can work for Scotland's leading agricultural sectors and support the challenging nature of some features of Scottish farming and crofting. The Committee will also ask the panel for their views on the Government's proposed no-deal tariffs and quotas on beef, fish, lamb, pork and poultry and some dairy, following concern expressed by NFU Scotland. 

In the second panel, witnesses from the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the National Council of Rural Advisers and the Law Society of Scotland will be asked about legal and operational considerations for a UK-wide agricultural framework and devolved policy. 


Tuesday 19 March 2019, Committee Room 16

Panel One - at 10.15am

  • John Fyall, Former Chair, National Sheep Association Scotland
  • Willie Campbell, Council Member, First Milk
  • Scott Henderson, Vice-Chair, Scotch Beef Association
  • Lorne Watson, Seeds Committee Chair, Agricultural Industries Confederation

Panel Two - at 11.15am

  • Professor Julie Fitzpatrick, Royal Society of Edinburgh
  • John Kinnaird, Council Member, National Council for Rural Advisers
  • Michael Clancy, Director, Law Society of Scotland

Further information

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