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Committee to hear from leaders of ATM networks over "access to cash"

29 March 2019

Following a session with consumer groups Which? and Citizens Advice, the Scottish Affairs Committee continues taking evidence on access to cash in a session with senior leaders of ATM network organisations on Tuesday 2 April.

Bank and ATM closures

The number of ATMs and bank facilities in Scotland has been reducing dramatically over the last few years, raising serious concern about how many businesses and communities will cope with reduced access to cash. In the last year, 290 ATMs have been withdrawn from Scotland – many of which were free to use – and since 2015, a third of bank branches in Scotland have closed down. The Scottish Affairs Committee is conducting an inquiry into the effect of reduced financial services in Scotland, following on from its work on the closure of RBS bank branches last year.

Senior leaders to be questioned

In this session, the Committee will hear from the senior leaders of ATM networks and question them on the reasons for withdrawal of ATMs, how the effects are managed and what alternative services are being provided. The Committee will consider how effective schemes to keep ATMs in rural areas have been and whether new regulation is needed to secure consumers ability to access and use cash.

The witnesses are the CEO of LINK, the UK's largest cash machine network, the Managing Director of UK Finance, a representative body of the UK finance and banking industries, and the Executive Director of ATMIA, a non-profit trade association representing the global ATM industry.


Tuesday 2 April 2019, Committee Room 16, Palace of Westminster

At 10.15am

  • John Howell, Chief Executive, LINK
  • Eric Leenders, Managing Director, Personal Finance, UK Finance
  • Ron Delnevo, Executive Director, Europe, ATMIA

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