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Researchers discuss priorities for post-Brexit trade

23 October 2018

The Scottish Affairs Committee looks into proposals put forward by think tanks on the priorities and principles that could underpin a future UK trade policy.

Trade policy after the EU

While a member of the EU, the UK's trade agreements were established at an EU level. As the UK leaves the EU, the Government will pursue an independent trade policy and negotiate its own free trade agreements. In this session, the Committee builds upon the evidence heard by the Committee in Edinburgh last week on the opportunities and challenges Brexit creates for Scottish trade with a panel of think tank researchers.

The Committee has held four evidence sessions so far, taking evidence from international trade academics, business representatives, intellectual property experts, representatives from the food, drink & fisheries sectors and most recently stakeholders in the service sector.


Tuesday 23 October, Committee Room 6, Palace of Westminster

At 10.15am

  • Aarti Shankar, Senior Researcher, Open Europe
  • Maddy Thirmont-Jack, Researcher, Institute for Government
  • Dr Kirsty Hughes, Director, Scottish Centre on European Relations
  • Dr Michael Gasiorek, Director, UK Trade Policy Observatory

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