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Committee seeks views on programme of work

10 July 2015

The Scottish Affairs Committee is seeking views on its programme of work. What should we do and how should we do it?

The Scottish Affairs Committee wishes to involve the people of Scotland in its work, from Scottish Parliamentarians to the business, academic and voluntary sectors and members of the Scottish public, we want to hear from you. We want to know what issues you think we should be examining during this Parliament and the best ways for us to go about that work.

Chair's comments

Pete Wishart MP, Chairman of the Scottish Affairs Committee said:

I am delighted to have been elected chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee. Under my chairmanship I want the Committee to engage directly and regularly with the people of Scotland. I want to hear what issues you think the Committee should be looking at as well as suggestions for how the Committee can best tap into the incredible upsurge in political engagement that we are witnessing across Scotland.

Our call for evidence is not restricted to those based in Scotland. Whether it be the effect of Government policies on areas either side of the border or the devolution settlement in general, the Scottish Affairs Committee is interested in hearing from people and organisations based across the United Kingdom on what issues we should be covering.

Here are some suggested areas we are keen to hear views on but you do not have to restrict your comments to these.

Ways of working

  • What are the best ways for the Committee to engage with organisations in Scotland and the Scottish public?
  • How should the committee engage with organisations across the United Kingdom and on what issues?
  • Where should the Committee meet and what type of meetings (e.g. formal evidence sessions, informal discussion panels, etc) would be useful?
  • How can the Committee make sure it engages effectively with the work of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Parliament Committees?


  • What issues should the Committee be examining during this Parliament and why?
    (these be can narrow issues suitable to a single day's examination as well as larger issues such as aspects of welfare policy or devolution – please note that the Committee does not look into individual cases). Issues can be immediate or longer term.
  • What aspects of UK Government policy are not working, or could be made to work better, in and for Scotland? 
  • Should the Committee consider the impact of the devolution of powers 
  • What are your views on the effectiveness of the Scotland Office? What could it do better?

We would be grateful to receive your comments, suggestions, views or evidence by the 31 August 2015.

How to contact the Committee

Who we are

The Scottish Affairs Committee is one of a number of select committees in the House of Commons. Most, but not all, select committees are responsible for examining the work of a government department. In our case, we are a committee of eleven Members of Parliament, responsible for examining the work of the Scotland Office, this includes its relations with the Scottish Parliament. Our defined remit is as follows:

to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Scotland Office (including (i) relations with the Scottish Parliament and (ii) administration and expenditure of the offices of the Advocate General for Scotland (but excluding individual cases and advice given within government by the Advocate General))

How we work

We work principally by undertaking inquiries. We choose our own subjects of inquiry and seek the views of a wide range of groups and individuals. We produce reports setting out our findings and making recommendations to the Government. The Government has to respond to these recommendations within two months.

The Committee examines the work of the Scotland Office and other matters that are reserved (for example, aspects of welfare policy that haven't been devolved to the Scottish Government). The Committee has also looked at arrangements of devolution. Areas the Committee covered in the last Parliament included aspects of welfare and employment policy, issues facing rural communities and wider constitutional issues.

Further information 

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