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Academics and industry questioned on UK nuclear power supply

28 October 2022

The Science and Technology Committee begin its Delivering Nuclear Power evidence sessions on National Engineering Day in the UK. This session examines how UK nuclear energy production will be maintained and increased.


Wednesday 2 November 2022, Committee Room 6, Palace of Westminster

Panel 1

At 9.30am

  • Professor Paul Norman, Nuclear Energy Director, Birmingham Centre for Nuclear Education and Research
  • Professor Michael Grubb, Professor of Energy and Climate Change, University College London

Panel 2

At 10.15am

  • Professor Laurence Williams OBE, Emeritus Professor of Nuclear Regulation and Safety, Imperial College London
  • Dr Paul Dorfman, Chair, Nuclear Consulting Group
  • Professor Francis Livens (virtual), Director, Dalton Institute, University of Manchester

Panel 3

At 11.15am

  • Julia Pyke, Sizewell C Director of Finance, EDF
  • Paul Spence, Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, EDF

The Government has said nuclear power will play a key part in the UK’s energy security and goal of reaching Net Zero emissions by 2050, setting the intention to triple the current electricity output by 2050. However, all but one civil nuclear reactor in the UK will be decommissioned by 2028 under current plans. And only one new reactor, Hinkley point C in Somerset, is currently expected to be operational before 2030.

In the final panel, the Committee will question EDF executives on the four-year delay in the construction of Hinkley Point C, completion of which is expected in 2027. The progress in plans for a new reactor in Sizewell C in Suffolk will also be discussed.

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