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Could nuclear fusion help achieve Net Zero by 2050? MPs hear from researchers and funders

19 May 2022

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee will hold a one-off session on the status of fusion research and development. Internationally and privately funded nuclear fusion research projects will give evidence on the progress towards fusion being a viable source of renewable energy.

Purpose of the session

The session will hear expert perspectives on the UK Government’s fusion strategy and the programmes it supports including whether the technology could be ready in time to help meet the 2050 Net Zero target. Delays to the UK’s participation in international fusion programmes such as EUROfusion will also be considered as well as the Government’s approach to regulation of the sector which will be part of the Energy Security Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech.  


Wednesday 25 May

Panel one (9.30am): 

  • Dr Nick Hawker, CEO, First Light Fusion; and 
  • Dr Tim Luce, Head of Science & Operation, ITER. 

Panel two (approx. 10.15am): 

  • Professor Ian Chapman, CEO, UK Atomic Energy Authority; and 
  • Professor Steve Garwood, Professor of Structural Integrity, Imperial College London. 

Panel three (approx. 11.00am): 

  • Professor Andrew Sherry, Chair in Materials and Structures, University of Manchester; and 
  • Dr Dame Sue Ion, previously Chair of the UK Nuclear Innovation Research Advisory Board. 

Further information

Image: Wikimedia Commons