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Science and Technology committee holds evidence session on satellites

2 December 2021

The Science and Technology Committee holds the third evidence session as part of its inquiry into UK space strategy and UK satellite infrastructure.

Purpose of the session

The session will focus on the UK’s satellite industry, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the satellite manufacturing industry and satellite service providers. MPs will also probe the UK's space data analysis capabilities and explore the UK’s investment in OneWeb. Three panels of experts will give evidence on the steps needed to position the UK as a global leader in the satellite industry.


Wednesday 8 December 2021 

Panel one, 9.30am:  

  • Professor Sir Martin Sweeting, Founder and Executive Chairman, Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd; and
  • Yasrine Ibnyahya, Director of Advanced Concepts, Inmarsat.

Panel two, approx. 10.15am:  

  • Jon Styles, Director, Assimila; and
  • Hina Khan, Senior Project Manager and UK Stakeholder Engagement, Spire Global Ltd.

Panel three, approx. 11.00am:  

  • Chris McLaughlin, Chief of Government, Regulatory Affairs, and Engagement, OneWeb

Further information

Image: MOD