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MPs to showcase UK scientific innovation in visit to the North West

17 September 2021

The Science and Technology Committee will visit the University of Manchester on Thursday 23 September to take oral evidence as it explores the role of technology, research and innovation in the UK’s recovery from covid-19, and the support that the sector itself requires to recover from the pandemic.

The committee will undertake a visit in the local area ahead of the oral evidence session.


Panel one: (from 1.30pm)

  • Professor Richard Jones, Vice-President for Regional Innovation and Civic Engagement; and
  • Professor Luke Georghiou, Deputy President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Manchester.

Panel two: (at approx. 2.30pm)

  • Chris Oglesby, Executive Chair, Bruntwood SciTech and CEO, Bruntwood
  • Simon Cohen, CEO, Innovate Pharmaceuticals; and
  • Richard Jeffery, National Director, GC Business

Panel three: (at approx. 3.30pm)

  • Dr Marianne Sensier, Research Fellow, University of Manchester; and
  • Dr Charles Knight, Associate Dean, University of Salford.
  • James Baker, CEO, Graphene@Manchester, University of Manchester.

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Image: Mike Peel (, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons