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Regenerative medicine inquiry launched

5 April 2016

The Science and Technology Committee is undertaking an inquiry into regenerative medicine.


Regenerative medicine (or advanced therapies) involves replacing or regenerating cells, tissues or organs in order to restore or establish normal function in people with chronic illnesses. It has been used, for example, in bone marrow transplants and offers the prospect of more effective repairs for faulty hearts, skin burns and worn-out joints. Regenerative medicine includes cell therapy, gene therapy, tissue engineering and other methods.

Following a 2013 report by the Lords Science and Technology Committee on Regenerative Medicine (PDF 1.22 MB), the Government's response announced the setting up of a 'Regenerative Medicine Expert Group' to "develop an NHS regenerative medicine strategy [and action plan] so that the NHS is fully prepared to deliver these innovative treatments, and also assess the effect of regulation on the development of Regenerative Medicines in the UK". The Expert Group reported in December 2014 (PDF 3.98 MB), recommending more cell-therapy centres of excellence, the central collection of data on cell therapy clinical outcomes to provide quality assurance on different treatments, and the establishment of a ministerial group.

The Life Sciences minister responded in February 2015, asking the Expert Group to liaise with industry, health and research sectors "to evolve a high-level group" to oversee the implementation of the Expert Group's recommendations. In March 2016 a Government/industry Advanced Therapy Manufacturing Taskforce was set up to help anchor advanced therapy manufacturing in the UK.

Send written submissions

The Committee welcomes written submissions on the following issues:

  • The opportunities for regenerative medicine (advanced therapies) and the UK's ability to reap those advantages
  • The regulatory systems involved, their effectiveness and ease of use
  • The arrangements for researchers and manufacturers in the regenerative medicines/ advance therapies field to be able to innovate and secure innovation funding and support
  • The case for a government-approved Regenerative Medicines Strategy

Send a written submission via the Regenerative medicine inquiry page

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