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Brexit: Science and Innovation summit on 22 Feb 18

25 January 2018

The Science and Technology Committee will host a Brexit science and innovation Summit to identify actions needed now to mitigate risks and exploit opportunities for UK science, research and innovation after Brexit.

The Committee aims to present the results at the start of the phase-II of the Brexit negotiations with the EU in order to guide the Government in its discussions.

Norman Lamb MP, Chair, said:

"The UK's decision to leave the EU has presented the science and innovation sector with its greatest challenge in generations. If we are to confront this challenge effectively so that we protect and enhance science in the UK, it is crucial that the science community's voice is heard now.

We stand at a vital crossroads in the Brexit negotiations. By holding this summit before the next stage of negotiations commence, we can ensure that our priorities are clear and our demands are delivered right to the heart of Government."

The Summit will take place at 9am-12.30pm on 22 February 2018 at the Institution of Civil Engineers, One Great George Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3AA.

Send in a written submission

To help inform this initiative, the Committee would welcome written submissions by 5 February, which might include comments on:

  • The Government's Future Partnership Paper 'Collaboration on science and innovation', including any challenges not fully acknowledged and opportunities not fully explored.
  • The issues identified in previous S&T Committee reports (see below) that have since been addressed, and which still require attention.
  • The pros, cons and remaining uncertainties for science and research following the recent UK/EU agreement for an ‘Orderly UK withdrawal'.
  • The consequences of any short-term uncertainty during the negotiation period, and how these can be addressed.
  • The UK's future participation in Horizon-2020 and its successor programmes, including any alternative models that should be explored.
  • Whether recent science co-operation deals (eg. the Joint UK-China Strategy for Science and UK-US Science and Technology Agreement) provide a suitable model for collaboration with other countries post-Brexit, including the EU.

The Committee's initiative is intended to complement and build on:

The Committee will invite participants for the Summit. Individuals and bodies are invited to nominate themselves to take part, by emailing by 31 January 2018; please use the subject title 'Nomination for summit'.

Further information

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