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More must be done to strengthen research integrity

28 October 2019

The Chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee, Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP, has commented on the revised concordat to strengthen research integrity.

In its Research Integrity Report in July 2018 the Committee called for the Concordat to be strengthened by making the requirements and expectations clearer, and for compliance with the Concordat's requirements to improve.

Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP, Chair of the Science and Technology Committee, said:

“My Committee welcomes the publication of the updated concordat and are pleased to see that recommendations we made have been included. Tackling the improper use of non-disclosure agreements and establishing independent investigation panels will help to strengthen and improve how universities approach research integrity.

“However, the impact of this revised concordat will only be fully realised if all organisations in the sector comply with the requirement to publish annual statements on research integrity. We have yet to see a plan or timetable for achieving this goal, as recommended by the Committee and agreed to by UKRI. We hope that this will be forthcoming shortly.

“We will be closely following the development of the new national research integrity committee and look forward to hearing what role it will play in improving research integrity by upholding the commitments of the Concordat and what powers it will have to tackle those unwilling to comply.”

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