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Investigatory Powers Bill inquiry launched

12 November 2015

The Science and Technology Committee is launching a short inquiry into the technology aspects of the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill (PDF 3.38 MB)which was published  on 4 November 2015.

The Committee took oral evidence on 10 November (PDF 318.51 KB). A further oral evidence session will be held in December.

Written submissions

The Committee invites written submissions by Friday 27 November, which should focus on technology issues, including:

  • The technical feasibility and costs of meeting the obligations imposed by the Bill
  • The impact on communications service providers and related businesses
  • The likely consequences for citizen/consumer use of ICT services

More specific issues of interest to the Committee include the extent to which communications data and communications content can be separated and the extent to which this is reflected in the Draft Bill. Comments are also invited on any specific technologies that have a direct bearing on the operation and effectiveness of the measures in the Draft Bill. These include, but are not restricted to, encryption, bulk data collection, cloud computing, deep packet inspection and anonymous internet communication systems.

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