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Research integrity examined with experts and academics

4 December 2017

The Science and Technology Committee continues its inquiry on research integrity. This session focuses on issues including the global view on research integrity and the 'AllTrials' campaign.


Monday 4 December 2017, Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

At 4.30 pm

  • Dr Ivan Oransky, Co-Founder, Retraction Watch, and Distinguished Writer in Residence, New York University Arthur Carter Journalism Institute [via video-link]
  • Professor C K Gunsalus, Director, US National Centre for Professional and Research Ethics [via video-link]
  • Mathias Willumsen, Special Adviser, Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education [via video-link]

At 5.30 pm

  • Dr Ben Goldacre, DataLab, Department of Primary Care, University of Oxford
  • Dr Simon Kolstoe, Senior Lecturer and University Ethics Advisor, University of Portsmouth, and Independent chair of Hampshire A (NHS) and the MOD research ethics committees
  • Síle Lane, Head of International Campaigns and Policy, Sense about Science

Focus of the session

The first panel (via videoconference link) includes experts in the USA and Denmark, with the aim of getting a global view on research integrity and exploring some international examples of regulation and legislation in this area.

The second panel focuses on ‘publication bias' and the progress of the ‘AllTrials' campaign, which calls for the outcomes of all clinical trials to be published to ensure that the research record is complete.

Further information

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