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Public Accounts Committee

Commons Select Committee

The Public Accounts Committee examines the value for money of Government projects, programmes and service delivery. Drawing on the work of the National Audit Office the Committee holds government officials to account for the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of public spending.

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Committee news

NHS missing out on tens of millions in procurement savings, PAC report warns
Public Accounts Committee report: NHS Supply Chain has failed to persuade trusts to use it, meaning trusts are missing out on opportunities for savings
27 March 2024
Civil service morale hit by chronic pay issues as recruitment and retention of staff at risk
Public Accounts Committee report: Without the dedicated efforts and specialist skills of our nation’s civil servants, the machinery of any government grinds to a halt
22 March 2024
Adult social care: PAC raises alarm as Government falls short of promise to fix crisis
Public Accounts Committee fears the absence of a long-term funding settlement hinders sector’s ability to implement long-term planning
20 March 2024
Levelling Up: No compelling examples of delivery so far as delays hold back spending
Public Accounts Committee warns of lack of transparency and waste of public resources in funding approach in report on Levelling up funding to local government
15 March 2024
UK defence: House of Commons to hold debate on Select Committee reports
Defence and Public Accounts Committees' reports on UK defence to be debated
14 March 2024
Support for distressed companies: Government must be a step ahead of next crisis
Public Accounts Committee report calls on the Government to do more to monitor the financial resilience of sectors and companies
13 March 2024
UK defence: No credible Government plan to deliver desired military capabilities
Public Accounts Committee report calls on the Government to get firmer control of defence procurement
8 March 2024
Asylum accommodation & Rwanda: Public Accounts Committee launches inquiry
Asylum accommodation & Rwanda: Public Accounts Committee launches inquiry
5 March 2024
Government does not have clear measures in place to assess the value for money of the £2.5 trillion of Government borrowing
Public Accounts Committee report: Unconvinced that lessons of financial crisis and pandemic have been adequately captured by Government
5 March 2024
Government savings: More to do to improve rigour, completeness and credibility of reporting
Public Accounts Committee report calls for reassurance over risks of double-counting and cost-shunting
1 March 2024
‘All-time low’: HMRC customer service deteriorates amid taxpayers’ exasperation
Public Accounts Committee: Customer service levels at HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are at an all-time low
28 February 2024
Homes for Ukraine: Risk of homelessness in scheme likely to increase, PAC report warns
Public Accounts Committee report questions Home Office and DLUHC on options for permanent settlement
23 February 2024
Online Safety Act may take years to have noticeable impact despite public’s high expectations
Public Accounts Committee report calls on regulator to let members of public know outcome of complaints
21 February 2024
Effective cross-government working must be more than a ‘nice to have’, PAC urges
Public Accounts Committee report calls for greater clarity of reporting on cross-cutting policies including net zero, health and social care, and levelling up
13 February 2024
Illegal drugs: Progress mixed on Government harm reduction efforts, PAC report finds
Public Accounts Committee calls for funding certainty for local authorities for strategy that requires sustained investment and relentless focus
9 February 2024
HS2 verdict: Scheme now very poor value for money after Northern leg cancellation
Public Accounts Committee report calls for answers from Government to questions raised by decision to cancel HS2 Phase 2
7 February 2024
Parliament refurb: PAC publishes response to Restoration & Renewal scrutiny
Correspondence: Restoration and Renewal Recall
6 February 2024
Government compensation schemes: PAC Chair requests National Audit Office review
Correspondence: Government compensation and financial redress schemes
29 January 2024
Inaccurate and delayed Government balance sheet harms transparency for billions in spending
HM Treasury’s increasing delays in publishing the Whole of Government Accounts are decreasing its usefulness to Parliament, local authorities, and the public
26 January 2024
Significant risks for front-line armed forces caused by MoD inventory failures
Public Accounts Committee report: Government powerless to deal with fragmentation of inventory management
19 January 2024
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