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Chair's statement on financial sustainability of fire and rescue services

5 November 2015

A statement from Meg Hillier MP, Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts:

"The Department for Communities and Local Government's understanding of the pressures now faced by Fire and Rescue Services is seriously flawed. Without this understanding, further efficiency savings could put services at risk, potentially putting lives at risk.

Fire and rescue authorities have faced significant financial challenges over the last five years. Despite funding cuts of up to 38% since 2010, they have worked hard to continue to deliver the same standards of service and reduce the number of fires and casualties.

But maintaining services has come at a cost. The number of full-time firefighters has fallen 14% since 2010-11. Finding year-on-year savings while protecting firefighter levels will be increasingly difficult and some authorities already report that their capacity to respond to major events will be put at risk by further reductions."

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