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Committee's winter programme of work

26 November 2015

The Public Accounts Committee has agreed to hold inquiries into the following subjects between January and March 2016:

  • Access to General Practice in England
  • Contracted out health and disability assessments
  • Tackling tax fraud: how HMRC responds to tax evasion, the hidden economy and criminal attack
  • Sustainability and financial performance of acute hospital trusts
  • Delivering major projects in government
  • Follow-up on transforming contract management
  • Use of consultants and temporary staff
  • DFID's management of crises
  • Managing NHS clinical staff numbers
  • Memorandum on financial management in the EU
  • Accountability for taxpayers' money
  • The BBC's critical projects
  • Training new teachers
  • Analysis of government's balance sheet
  • Mental health services baseline review
  • Case management through criminal justice
  • Commissioning and contracting out with smaller providers
  • The quality of service to personal taxpayers
  • Personalised adult social care through personal budgets
  • Free entitlement to early years education

National Audit Office publications

For more information on these inquiries, details are available on:

Further information 

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