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Procedure Committee

Commons Select Committee

The Procedure Committee considers the practice and procedure of the House in the conduct of its public business. It is appointed under Standing Order No. 147. It can make recommendations to the House about the operation of the House’s Standing Orders for public business, and any other aspect of House procedure and practice (as generally described in Erskine May). You can follow the Committee on X (formerly Twitter) using @CommonsProcCom

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Committee news

Procedure Committee launch inquiry into voting procedures in the House of Commons
The Procedure Committee is inquiring into the procedures the House of Commons uses for voting.
24 July 2019
Commons urged to create Budget Committee to reform scrutiny of public spending
A Commons Budget Committee would scrutinise public spending, and bring UK into line with other major democracies
9 July 2019
Procedure Committee reviews “humble Address” procedure to demand papers
Committee publishes report on the power of the House of Commons to call for papers
20 May 2019
MPs launch inquiry into the powers of the House of Commons to call for papers
Committee to look into the powers of the House of Commons to require the government to provide papers
25 January 2019
Committee sets out 'meaningful vote' options for House of Commons
Procedure Committee report presents three potential options for vote on any EU Withdrawal Agreement
16 November 2018
Evaluation of pilot arrangements for allocating Estimates days debates inquiry
Procedure Committee inquiry assesses whether the pilot has met the overall objective for the new arrangement
6 November 2018
Committee publishes Government's views on 'meaningful vote' and calls for evidence
Procedure Committee publishes Government's memorandum on parliamentary approval of withdrawal agreement
17 October 2018
Committee welcomes Government undertaking on scrutiny of SIs
Procedure Committee Chair welcomes Government assurances regarding delegated legislation sifting
10 October 2018
Withdrawal Agreement Bill: call for evidence
Procedure Committee invites submissions on issues arising from the White Paper
18 September 2018
MPs recommend changes to House of Commons speaking time limits
Procedure Committee report recommends reducing 'injury time' available for interventions of more than five minutes
18 September 2018
Procedure Committee moots Parliamentary body to monitor Government spending plans
Procedure Committee inquiry will look into establishing a Commons Budget Committee
25 July 2018
Proxy voting: letter from Leader of the House of Commons
Procedure Committee publishes letter from the Leader of the House concerning proxy voting
18 July 2018
MPs set out how Commons committee should scrutinise Brexit legislation
Procedure Committee publishes report on scrutiny of the process of incorporating EU law into UK law
9 July 2018
Establishing select committees in a new Parliament inquiry launched
Procedure Committee launches inquiry into the process of establishing committees at the start of a new Parliament
24 May 2018
Proposals for proxy voting for MPs on parental absence
Procedure Committee publishes report on proxy voting for Members who are new parents
15 May 2018
Term limits for select committee chairs in the 2017 Parliament
Procedure Committee publishes report on the position of Chairs elected to their post after the 2010 election
9 February 2018
Proxy voting inquiry launched
Procedure Committee launches inquiry into proxy voting in the House of Commons
1 February 2018
Scheme for better debates on Government spending plans should start immediately
Procedure Committee report recommends that the pilot be extended for the rest of the session
22 January 2018
Exiting the EU: scrutiny of delegated legislation - Further call for evidence
Procedure Committee issues further call for evidence on Exiting the EU: Scrutiny of delegated legislation
21 December 2017
Response rates to written parliamentary questions a mixed bag
Procedure Committee report shows improvement from some Government departments but cause for concern in others
15 December 2017
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