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Procedure Committee to hear from journalists for inquiry on correcting the record

21 November 2022

The House of Commons Procedure Committee will on Wednesday hear evidence from journalists with experience of reporting from the Parliamentary Press Gallery as part of its inquiry into correcting the record.

The new inquiry will review the current system by which Ministers correct the parliamentary record, including whether arrangements allow them to provide information to Parliament efficiently and clearly.

The evidence session, which will be livestreamed on Parliament TV, will include expert witness evidence from Esther Webber, Senior UK correspondent for Politico, Henry Dyer, Investigations Reporter for The Guardian, and Rob Hutton, parliamentary sketchwriter for The Critic magazine.

Witnesses may expect to be asked questions including whether the current corrections system is fit for purpose, how the visibility of corrections may be improved, and whether the procedural means by which the accuracy of corrections can be challenged is sufficient.

Chair's comments

Rt Hon Karen Bradley MP, Chair of the Procedure Committee, said:

“The days when proceedings in Parliament were only recorded and read through bound volumes on dusty bookcases are long gone. Public expectations of the accessibility and clarity of parliamentary information have increased as online publication has increased the speed with which debates and answers are made available. 

“As more people watch and engage with Parliament and its proceedings in new and different ways, the Procedure Committee has decided to revisit the rules and processes governing corrections.

“We look forward to hearing evidence on this matter as we continue to look at ways to further improve the current system.”

Further information

Image: UK Parliament